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Copper Terms

Fiber Terms

Cat 5 Cable Terms

Stranded Cat 5 Cable - A cable construction with multiple copper wires twisted together forming a single conductor used in shorter lengths in need of more flexibility. Used in the construction of most Cat 5e patch cords.

Solid Cat 5 Cable - A cable construction used in horizontal cable installations. Typically built with a solid 24AWG core used to "punch down" to jacks and patch panels.

CMP Cat 5 Cable - Communications Plenum cable that has a resistance to flame spread and reduced smoke generating properties. Used for installations in plenum areas without the use of a conduit.

CMR Cat 5 Cable - A Communications Riser cable that must not transmit flame from one floor to another when placed in a vertical shaft.

Fiber Terms

Fiber Optic Cable - A cable that contains a core of optical fiber, a cladding and a jacket used to carry information in the form of light.

Multi-Mode Fiber Optic Cable - A type of optical fiber in which multiple modes of light are allowed to transmit down the cable at the same time. Has distance limitations compared to Single-Mode Cable.

Single-Mode Fiber Optic Cable - A type of optical fiber in which only a single mode of light is allowed to transmit down the cable. Can transmit a signal at a higher rate and a further distance than Multi-Mode Cable

Tight Buffer Fiber Optic Cable - A indoor or outdoor cable that is constructed with a secondary 900 micron outer buffer. Frequently used in place of "gel filled" or "loose tube" fiber especially in areas where a the gel in a loose tube cable would migrate to the lowest spot in the fiber leaving areas of the loose tube fiber unprotected such as in vertical installations.

Loose Tube Fiber Optic Cable - A fiber cable construction in which the optical fiber is placed in a plastic tube having a inner diameter larger than the fiber itself and is often filled with a protective gel used in harsh outdoor environments.

Distribution Fiber Optic Cable - A fiber cable construction used in indoor applications. Usually available from 4 to 144 fiber counts and in plenum or PVC applications.

MTRJ Fiber Optic Connector - The MT-RJ connector is a push fit, small form factor (SFF) connector designed for data applications where space is limited. Alignment pins convert the female connector into a male connector.

ST Fiber Optic Connector - A bayonet fit style connector with a straight tipped fixed ferrule.

SC Fiber Optic Connector - The SC is a push and snap fit style connector with a floating ferrule.

LC Fiber Optic Connector - A The LC small form factor (SFF) connector pioneered by Lucent is a push fit style connector. The latched, push fit design makes the LC easy to engage and its small size suits applications where space is of premium consideration.

FC Fiber Optic Connector - A Screw on connector with a spring loaded ferrule