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Custom Assembly Capabilities

ProVisions Modular Hardware provides a full line of custom networking and telecommunications copper cable assemblies. All custom assemblies are built in the USA and are subject to strict testing and quality assurance requirements. For a price on any custom assembly, call us at 1.800.234.4490 Monday through Friday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm EST.Copper Assemblies

CAT 3- For voice only applications Provisions offers CAT 3 patch cables in four, three, two and one pair assemblies.

CAT 5e- Whether you need a non-standard length, different color, labeled cords, or snag less boots, Provision's offers high quality Cat 5e patch cords for your network environment. Our cat 5e patch cords are made with a high quality, 350MHZ, 24 gauge, stranded twisted pair cable making them more than efficient for most Ethernet needs. Colors available include, blue, black, red, yellow, purple, grey, green, orange, and pink.

CAT 6 - If you are planning for future network growth and increased bandwidth needs you may be considering Cat 6 as an option. Provisions custom made Cat 6 patch cords are made with a high speed, 24 gauge, stranded twisted pair cable. Colors available include black, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, gray, white and beige. TIA/EIA 568B wiring is standard but crossover and 568a wiring configurations are available.

CAT 5e / CAT 6 Solid- For longer pre-terminated cable runs Provisions offers solid twisted pair assemblies. This allows an installer to punch down one end to a jack and simply plug in the other end to a patch panel or switch.

CAT 5E Shielded Patch Cables- For areas where EMI is an issue, Provision shielded cat 5E patch cables are built with a 4 pair, 26 AWG stranded, cable with a low loss foam insulation, overall shield, and PVC jacket.

CAT 5 Cable- Provisions is committed to providing its customers with the most efficient and highest quality cables. Because of this, Provision no longer uses cat 5 cable for its custom made assemblies. With the introduction of cables with a higher bandwidth capability cat 5 cable became the lesser of a choice compared to cat 5e and cat 6. Similarly when cat 5 cable was introduced it provided a higher bandwidth option compared to cat 3 causing most Ethernet application needs to choose the better cable to allow simpler, cost effective, higher speed LAN applications. Cat 5 cable is simply not the most cost effective or most efficient cable option.

4, 6 and 8 Conductor line cords- Our Provisions flat modular line cords are suitable for voice and low speed data communications. Our 8, 6, and 4 conductor assemblies are available in black, silver satin and ivory and are made to any requested length and wiring configuration.

Hydra/Octopus Assemblies- When you need to convert from a Telco connector to a modular RJ type plug, ProVisions makes a variety of options. Hydra and Octopus assemblies can be made with 4, 6 or 8 conductor plugs to any length and breakout required.

25 Pair Assemblies- ProVisions 25 pair Telco trunk assemblies are made with either a 90 or 180 degree ends and can be made with any combination of male and female type connectors.

110 Assemblies- ProVisions 110 Patch cords are available with one, two, three, and four pair 110 plugs and are used for patching between 110 termination fields. ProVisions can custom make to any length and combination of 110 connectors and RJ type plugs.

Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies

Multimode Duplex and Simplex Assemblies- For shorter, jack to pc or patch panel to switch, premise applications Provisions offers a full-line of custom made multimode patch cables. Patch cords are available in a variety of fiber optic connector types such as MTRJ, LC, ST, SC, FDDI, and FC. Our multimode patch cords can be made with 50 and 62.5 micron, duplex, simplex and plenum fiber optic cable in many different colors. Pigtail assemblies are also available.

Singlemode Duplex and Simplex Assemblies- For longer fiber optic cable runs, Provisions offers a full-line of custom made singlemode patch cables. Patch cords are available in a variety of fiber optic connector types such as LC, ST, SC, FDDI, and FC. Our singlemode patch cords can be made as duplex, simplex and plenum fiber optic cables in many different colors. PC polish is the standard polish for ProVisions Singlemode fiber optic connectors. UPC and APC polished fiber optic connectors and pigtail patch cables are also available.

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Multi-strand Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies- Save time, money and frustration with Provisions Pre-terminated Fiber Assemblies. No termination tools or test equipment needed. Perfect for use as a data network backbone, these fiber assemblies are ideal for extended distances and for multiple building environments. A wide assortment of fiber optic connectors (ST, SC, LC, etc.) and fiber optic cable (distribution, breakout, indoor/outdoor, plenum or PVC) is available. A special "pulling eye" is secured to one end of the cable to protect the connectors during installation. All assemblies are shipped with power meter test results.

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